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  • Advocacy (HOPE) HOPE (Helping Out Parents in Education) Advocacy Services help parents, guardians, and caregivers of children with disabilities and special needs learn how to become their children’s best advocates. Many children with disabilities or special needs are too young or are unable to speak for themselves, so parents, guardians, and caregivers must become their children’s advocates and step in to become their voice.

    Our Goals
    • To teach parents, guardians, and caregivers how to become equal partners in the education of their children.
    • To provide guidance in acquiring the knowledge necessary for securing appropriate education and services for your child.
    • To help improve a parent, guardian, or caregiver’s skills as a communicator and to show how to positively participate in the Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP) process for your child.
    • To assist you in your advocacy; helping you establish a lasting, collaborative relationship with your local school district.
    • To teach parents, guardians, and caregivers how to continue the process of advocacy on their own and throughout the entire education and life of a child with a disability or special need.

    How We Help
    Once services have been requested and an intake form completed, a trained Parent Advocate will be assigned to your family:
    • The parent advocate will provide you with information, resources, and suggestions on how to address the current issues and concerns you are having.
    • The parent advocate will provide you with a better understanding of what related services, accommodations, and modifications are and how to access these services.
    • The parent advocate will provide a minimum number of hours of consultative services. Parent advocates are not lawyers or legal representation and will not offer you legal advice. They are educators and mentors in the "Art of Advocacy".
    • An Advocacy Tool Kit can be ordered, to assist you through the IEP process and to encourage your advocacy skills. The tool kit contains detailed information on the IEP process, information on writing IEP goals and objectives, sample letters for a variety of requests and follow-up that is necessary to the process, record keeping and information suggestions, and a copy of the Wrightslaw book “All About IEP’s”. The cost of the tool kit is $12.00.
    • Only in extreme cases, to avoid mediation or issuance of a compliance complaint, will a parent advocate attend an IEP meeting.

    Families will be required to complete a satisfaction survey upon exiting the program.