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  • Conferences and Workshops Conferences and Workshops
    Every year FND offers a number of workshops and an annual conferences designed to educate parents, caregivers, and school administrators regarding the treatment, care, and educational needs of children with disabilities and special needs.

    For a recent list of the types of conferences and workshops offered each year to our members, local educators, and interested community members, see listing below.

      Listed below are some of the conferences and workshops we have hosted in the past:

      14th Annual FND Manasota Disabilities Conference - STAND UP TO BULLYING! In September of 2014, FND hosted a Community Breakfast featuring keynote speaker Frank Latham from the New Jersey Council on Disabilities presenting "Changing Public Opinion Begins with a Message of Respect." Kicking off the 2014 annual conference was keynote speaker David Oullette from the New Hampshire Council on Developmental Disabilities. He presented "A Culture of Respect for Students with Disabilities Can Help Reduce Incidents of Bullying." Following the keynote address was a variety of workshops focused on the topic of bullying and prevention.

      LIFE Beyond School: It's Never Too Late to Start Planning
      No matter if your child is 7 or 17, it is never too late to start thinking and planning for their future and the journey you will take to get there. Along your journey you and your child will experience many different transitions at various ages and stages of their life. To help you successfully navigate these life periods, FND presents its 2013 Annual Disability Conference - LIFE Beyond School: It's Never Too Late, or Too Early, to Start Planning.

      Kicking off this year's conference is Dr. George Tilson, of TransCen, Inc., who will guide participants through a series of great strategies that can be used with students at every age, including creation of a "Positive Personal Profile," an exercise called "Imagine Working!" and many other practical tools and ideas for actively engaging kids and their families - and building excitement about the future.

      Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy
      Presented by Pat Howey and hosted by Manasota BUDS and FND Manasota

      At this training you will learn how to take an active role in managing your child's special education. You'll learn about key sections in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004, what our child's test scores mean, and how to develop SMART IEP's. Pat will also teach you how to prepare for meetings, the gentle art of disagreeing, and how to maintain healthy working relationships with the school.

      Striving for Academic Success for All Students
      This conference focused on understanding the Tiers (not tears) of RTI (Response to Intervention). To view attendee testimonials, click here.

      Parent Partner Professional Relationships: How We Talk to Each Other Matters
      An interactive workshop to learn, listen and to speak in a wise way.

      The Pyramid Approach to Education and Behavior
      The Pyramid Approach to Education is a unique model of teaching that establishes effective learning environments for home, school and the community.

    Admission costs for these trainings are kept at a minimum and are for the purpose of covering expenses. A limited amount of scholarships are available for those families demonstrating need. When possible, some training/educational opportunities are offered at no cost.